Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quick How-To : Broadcom Wireless driver support in Ubuntu

When you install, or upgrade to, Ubuntu 11.04 you may notice that you can not use your Broadcom Wireless adapter. Many people have left Ubuntu and/or Linux for this reason. Yes, you can look online for a way to install the driver, but I'm going to show you how to quickly install the driver. The way I'm going to show you works in all Ubuntu derivatives.
First, open a Terminal, and enter:
sudo apt-get firmware-b43-installer
It will ask you for your password which you should enter. When the program has been successfully installed go back to your terminal and type in:
sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
Again, typing in your password.If you don’t wont to use the terminal you can open your package manager and search for bcm. Make sure you uninstall the bcmw1-
kernal-source package. Search for firmware-b43-installer and install
it, then search for b43-fwcutter and install that. Your wireless should
now work.. Remember, you need to have a wired network connection to do the
steps above!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Linux story

I'm not like Linus Torvalds who has created Linux. But its  small story of my Linux journey.
So enjoy it.

First time, I touched Linux as Ubuntu in August-2010 ,I don’t remember the exact date but month was right.
I don’t know much about it at that time so I installed it(Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid)) inside windows using wubi(Windows Ubuntu Installer).
So It was very much pleasure to explore it, surf it and use it.
Than I tried 10.10 maverick(I got the help from one of my senior named as Ali to install it in one of the partition) which was very nice and I had to work on it till newer version not available.
So I explored as much as things about Linux between August-2010 to August-2011 and learned so many things about it.
I was impressed by one free magazine called "Full circle magazine( ) which is full of knowledge.

Then One Idea(IDEA 3G..:)) comes into my mind…
Why don’t I Create one own Linux based on Ubuntu?
The reasons were
-I don’t like Unity interface too much.(Ubuntu left GNOME from 11.04..and it will totally disappear with 11.10)
-Windows has size of 3 GB. why don’t Linux have...with some pre-installed major apps??
-I want to learn system level  tweaking so I can learn what's inside in it.
-People has no time to search Linux app while windows is primary os so give some major pre-installed apps in my own Linux so people can understand the power of Linux.

I got the idea….so my mind was thinking about its name ...what should be it??
Then I came to one...called gbuntu(mixture of Genius and Ubuntu ) so I took the opportunity and made decision to create it.

Helpers/contributors of my Linux journey:
Saif Hasan(IIT-B student)
Vidit Baxi(Researh Security Analyst at TechDefence)
Aliasagar hada(CSE-Nirma)
Krupesh Patel(CSE-Nirma)
Vatsal Mevada(CSE-Nirma)
Bipin Gohel(CSE-Alumni)
Hitesh Piprotar(CSE-Nirma)
Nayan Khanpara(CSE-Nirma)
Darpan Dekivadia(CSE-Nirma)
and my classmates...